Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon > Updates (Hours 13-24)


Hier poste ich heute (und morgen) meine Updates rund um den Read-a-Thon! 🙂
(Ich mache das dann auf Englisch!)

So this is my second update’s-part! Click here to see my 1st (hours 1-12). Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Hour 13

I finished my first book!

GIFs Are Actually Declining in Popularity (Updated)

Soo I’m off sleeping now! I still need my time to proceed this book…And I kind of need sleep- 😀 So I wish you a good night and see you in a few hours! 🙂
I’ll post some pictures and some quotes(from The Ocean at the End of the Lane) in advance for the next hours! 😉

Cute Baby Sleep Wallpaper in HD

Hour 14

Sleeping… zzZ

„[…]She’s been given to her ocean. One day, in its own time, the ocean will give her back.“

-page 164

Hour 15 well…THAT is fitting for us readers!! 😀

Hour 16

Sleeping… zzZ

She had such unusual eyes. They made me think of the seaside, and so I called her Ocean, and could not have told you why.

-page 171, about his cat

Hour 17

Hour 18

Should be awake for about 30 minutes!

Hour 19

Nooo my alarm didn’t ring!!! It’s now 8am and we’re about to start our drive toward Austria! For the next hour I’m going to post over my phone (that means not pictures, no videos etc.)!

Hour 20

I’m going to read now! Just told my mom about The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Now I’m going to read The 5th Wave and I’m currently at page 252 out of 457. 🙂
Btw I hate updating it over my phone..I don’t like HTML! 😀

Hour 21

Page 285! Finally made some progress!:-) The 5th Wave us really good but on the other hand I just want it to end so I know what will happen.

Hour 22

Page 294
We’re listening to some real good music a.k.a. Eric Clapton! :-))
Hope you still have fun ‚cause I have!

Hour 23

Sorry I’m late! Had some problems with my phone and making it official I’m participating in the mini-challenge I just posted! :-/
Okay I’m back to reading now!:-)

Hour 24

Page 302
OMG it’s the last hour! Don’t spend any time on the internet now – read!!! Or at least tgat’s what I’m doing now! 🙂

The Ending

It’s done!!! :-)) 😦
So I’m on page 318! I’ll post a solution down here this evening! Stay tuned! :-))


Pages read: 326
Books finished: 1
Food ate: Yogurt, Snickers, Apples, Kebab, Water
Fun I had: Much!!
Interruptions: So many I lost count!
Hours I’ve read: Probably 4-6
Satisfied: No


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