Teaser Tuesday #12

Heaven’s Child von Caroline Flohr


When Caroline Flohr’s sixteen-year-old twin daughter, Sarah, is killed in an accident involving eight teens taking a mid-night joyride, what’s left behind? And how do you move forward?

An intimate self-examination told through the eyes and heart of Sarah’s mother Caroline, Heaven’s Child is a magical memoir that teaches us how to surrender to our losses and celebrate the gifts of death while rediscovering life. Tackling deep questions and universal misunderstandings, the story draws readers to journey beside Caroline as she opens the domestic scenes of home, heart, family, and community.

Heaven’s Child provides the solace needed to overcome our greatest losses. The story encourages you to find your life’s purpose and helps you realize that you never journey alone.

The book covers sudden loss; death of a child; relationships within a family; funerals and traditions; doubts, faith and hope; marriages, divorces, and parenting; forgiveness and healing; the power of memories and intuition; inner strength, and the resilience of the human spirit. Heaven’s Child shows us that the grieving process is personal, that it’s not just about death but also about any loss in our life; that grieving is not about endings…but about new beginnings.

Mein Teaser:

In fact, I loved that about her, just as I loved the high heels she wore to school and the miniskirts she bought at Forever 21 and her passion for all things pink.
That wasn’t for me. I wore jeans and tennis shoes and T-shirts.

– Heaven’s Child von Caroline Flohr, Seite 98, (ein Auszug was Carolne dacht wie ihre Tochter eine bestimmte Zeit empfunden haben muss)

Auf das Buch bin ich echt stolz, denn ich habe es direkt von der Autorin bekommen! Als Taschenbuch! Ich war echt froh, dass es geklappt hat und habe gleich einmal reingelesen. Bis jetzt finde ich es echt gut und genauso wie erwartet. 🙂


Freut euch auf morgen mit einem Buch von Gayle Forman!. 🙂


PS: Was ist ein Teaser Tuesday(TT)? –> Hier klicken


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