Teaser Tuesday #14

Holes von Louis Sachar


Camp Greenlake is a place for bad boys, where the belief is: „if you take a bad boy and make him dig a hole every day in the hot sun, it will turn him into a good boy.“ When Stanley Yelnats, accused and found guilty of a crime he did not commit, is sent to Camp Greenlake he really doesn’t think it can be so bad. Stanley and his family try to pretend that he is just going away to camp like the rich kids do, and he promises to write to them every day. But the harsh realities of the camp, and the evil Warden with her lizard-venom impregnated fingernails with her own reasons for making the boys in her charge dig so many holes, sometimes make dying seem like a great idea. When Stanley leaves the camp to go in search of his friend Zero, their journey towards freedom becomes a battle with hunger, thirst and heat in the shadow of Big Thumb–a mountain so entwined in Stanley’s own family history that he knows if they can reach it they will somehow find salvation.

Mein Teaser:

„Oh we’re not going to kill you,“ she said. „But by the time we’re finished with you, you’re going to wish you were dead.“

– Holes von Louis Sachar, Linda zu Kate, Seite 100

Ich lese dieses Buch wegen den #AntiBullyReads !:-)
Das gibt es auch auf deutsch und ebenfalls gibt es einen Film.


Bis morgeeen! 🙂


PS: Was ist ein Teaser Tuesday(TT)? –> Hier klicken



#AntiBullyReads Update

I read 1/3 out of my first book, Holes by Louis Sachar! 🙂


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