#AntiBullyReads is coming to an end!

Sadly, another readathon is coming to an end! I think this was a really great idea (as a readathon always is) and a new one. It was about bullying and that’s a serious topic! And I believe many people out in the world are being bullied and know how it is. This readathon was a great chance to read about different ways to be bullied or threatened (as in Holes). You were able to feel what the person feels and try to understand it.

In this post I just wanna wrap-up my week and show you who I read about.

I started with Holes by Louis Sachar.
Some years ago I watched the movie and could remember the plot a little bit. And I knew my school had the book! So I went to my teachers and asked for it. I got it and immediately started reading it at home.
I was finished with the book either tuesday or wednesday.
It was even better as I had it in mind! And now I’m just looking forward to watch the movie again.

After I finished that book, I started with Wonder by R.J. Palachio.
I didn’t really know what would happen, but I heard so many great things about it in the booktube and Goodreads area. Also I heard from a good friend of mine, that the book was boring. Or at least that’s how she thought about it.
Now I’m about 75% through it and hope I can still somehow finish it today.
I like how it’s written in different POV’s and I also like the other POV’s more than the main character’s, August Pullman.

I’ll post my final update on tuesday along with the „Teaser Tuesday“-post.


See ya! 🙂



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