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Letztes Wochenende war ich dann endlich auch bei Mockingjay und fand ihn einfach super! Deshalb möchte ich heute die Filmreview zu dem Film schreiben. 🙂
Wer es noch nicht gemerkt hat: meine Filmreview ist nicht direkt auf den Film spezialisiert, sondern auf die Umsetzung vom Buch zum Film.

Heute mal auf Englisch, weil ich einfach mal Lust drauf habe. 🙂

Have fun! 😉

Trailer English(not going to post all):

First Clip:


„The Mockingjay Lives“:


Final Trailer:


Here’s the link to the Hunger Games channel with all of the clips and trailers. 🙂


So to finally start..I thought the movie was awesome! All the effects, the actors, the story and all. Sure, there were things that weren’t in the book or I imagined differently, but all in all it was better than I thought.

Maybe some of you(why not all of you?!) already heard of the soong „The Hangman Tree“. It’s such an earworm! It wasn’t that big in the book(at least for me) but it’s wonderful..the lyrics are sad but wow. It’s really hard to find Jen’s version of the song on Youtube(I found one! Yeah!!), but this german site has it.

Also, here’s the german version, sung by Maria Koschny:

What was different?

Probably the weirdest thing(if you watched „closely“) was the scene in district 8, when Gale and Katniss are on the roof and fight. In the book the camera team is right behind them because of the spot, but in the movie they were kinda far away, but still managed to film them. Yeah if you read the book, it’s really weird.

A big scene, that wasn’t in the book, was the one in district 5. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I mean. 😉 But I don’t care that they added that scene! It was GREAT. I’m just not that happy with the next one…
Finnick! He was so important in the book, but he wasn’t that much in the book…:-( They left out the scene where he was in his pants! And he didn’t gave his rope to Katniss, which seems unimportant, but it is kinda to me. :-/

The Chocking Scene

Same as in the book! Which I was glad about. 🙂
It still was a surprise and Katniss didn’t really know how to handle it. The last scene in the movie wasn’t fair! 😀 But it was a GREAT cut.


You maybe’ve recognized I used many words like „great“ or words that describe the same (okay let’s say synonyms). It was because I loved the movie! As already said above, it was better than I thought and you HAVE to watch it!
The book wasn’t my favourite of the three and I was kinda bored throughout the whole book. But the ending became better! And I imagined the inner-district-13 a little different, but it was oay the way it was. 🙂



I hope you liked my movie review and I see you around a little more! 🙂


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