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TTYL by Lauren Myracle


Far from being precious, the format proves perfect for accurately capturing the sweet histrionics and intimate intricacies of teenage girls. Grownups (and even teenage boys) might feel as if they’ve intercepted a raw feed from Girl Secret Headquarters, as the book’s three protagonists–identified by their screen names „SnowAngel,“ „zoegirl,“ and „mad maddie“–tough their way through a rough-and-tumble time in high school. Conversations range from the predictable (clothes, the delicate high-school popularity ecosystem, boys, boys in French class, boys in Old Navy commercials, etc.) to the the jarringly explicit (the girls discuss female ejaculation: „some girls really do, tho. i read it in our bodies, ourselves“) and the unintentionally hilarious (Maddie’s IM reduction of the Christian poem „Footprints“–„oh, no, my son. no, no, no. i was carrying u, don’t u c?“).

Rating on GR: 5/5 stars
Actual rating: 4.5/5 stars

All in all I think this is a great book to relax! Okay after about 3 quarters itget’s rough for several pages, but it’s … light? And by that I mean the book in general. It’s nothing supernatural and there’s no A.

None animated GIF

It’s „just“ about 3 girls talking about their days in highschool.
I’m a little saddened about the fact that it says „[…] the highs and lows of SOPHOMORE YEAR“ if it follows only 2-3 months (Sept 7th till Nov 20th). I hoped it would really be through the whole first year of highschool. And the chances were good! Beause the 2nd book is in junior year, the 3rd senior year and the 4th college! Hmm… :-/

The whole book is written in a chat-theme and you have to stick with it so you know who is talking about what and what is happening right now. But that’s like the only bad thing about it! And as you read further it get’s better. 🙂 But you should try to read it in a maximum of 3 sessions! That way it’s easier to follow the storyline. 😉

It’s interesting to see how the girls – Angela, Zoe and Maddie – change. Especially Maddie! You read about one girl teasing the other one about religion (Maddie teases Zoe) and another girl teasing one girl about her endless stream of crushes. Oh practically both, Zoe and Maddie, tease Angela about her crushes. Angela seems to HAVE to have a crush, otherwise she’s going cray cray or something. 😀

Don’t worry about any spoilers here, there is basically only one big event I could spoil for you, but I won’t. This event is the one that brings them all back together because they had a big fight after betrayal and misunderstandings!
But in the end they can tell they’re better as the winsome threesome than alone!

Be sure to read this book! You’ll enjoy, I promise. (Oh no what did I do?? What if you do not enjoy this book? Let me know in the comment section below!) I wouldn’t exactly recommend it for a boy/guy/man because it contains girly stuff! But if you still want to read it, go for it! 😀

mad maddie: i’m sorry to report that i’ve discovered a smell worse than period farts.

zoegirls: period farts?

mad maggie: don’t play dumb. i’m talking about those wretched farts u get when u have ur period, which r totally different from normal farts?

– ttyl by Lauren Myracle, page 93

That’s disgusting!! 😀

There is even a little quiz for it on Goodreads! 🙂


It’s the End of 2014 Read-A-Thon Day and Game #2

Hosted by: (Blogpost)

Task: COLOR THE RAINBOW- All you have to do is take books from your shelves and put them together as if they were a rainbow.

Sorry guys! Today I’m not going to participate.


Be sure to visit again tomorrow for a new review and game #3! 🙂


4 Gedanken zu “TTYL > Review + It’s the End of 2014 Read-A-Thon #2

  1. Lädst du jetzt jeden Tag für jedes Buch, das du gelesen hast, eine Review hoch ? Habe nämlich auch mit dem Gedanken gespielt, aber dann habe ich im Dezember 50+ Beiträge und das ist ein bisschen viel, nicht ?

    Die Szene war wirklich disgusting, aber ich kann mir voll gut vorstellen, wie die Gesichtsausdrücke von denen sind. LOL

    • Nein das nicht. Ich poste jeden der 12 Tage vom read-a-thon einen Beitrag mit dem jeweiligen Spiel hoch, ob ich es mache oder nicht. Am Mittwoch und Dienstag kommen TT und dein Meme dazu und so weiter. An freien Tage dann halt eine Review oder nur das Spiel, wenn ich mitmache. Ach ja und dann kommt am 30. der Beitrag mit den 30 Fragen über 2014. 🙂
      Mal sehen wie es am Ende des Jahres aussieht! 😀

      Ich musste echt lachen, als ich das gelesen habe..! 😀 Und meine Eltern haben mir wieder nur entnervte Blicke zugeworfen. :‘-D

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