It’s the End of 2014 Read-A-Thon #7

It’s the End of 2014 Read-A-Thon Day and Game #7

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Task: Tell Me A Story… Use book titles and author names to write a little story.

Well I’m excited to see how that goes… 😀

Dear John,

Yesterday I Wanted to know Where You Are so I checked Google+. I couldn’t find you through GPR on The Map so I wanted to remember you, at last. So I sang The Last Song under the shower.
Do you still know it? It’s the one we heard this one night in this club called ‚The Wild Zone‚. It’s our song.

It kind of Hurt to think back to it. But it’s still a beautiful memory.

Oh and After Ben, the lawyer left, I Reached over to the drawer to grab telephone to call you.

But then I remembered: You were dead. Since 1984.

Love, Rosie

Haha okay that was weird, but yeah:-D


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