Your Bookyear In 30 Question – 2014

The following formular was presented at the blog of Martina from BOOKaholic and was created by both Martina and Nadine (Seitenansichten). It was a blanko formular, so whoever felt like answering the questions could do that. I’m one of those “whoever”s.

I saw it on Emalie’s blog (Bookgatherer) and just thought I had to do it, too! Click here to see her post. 🙂


– Of course not all questions have to be answered, you can answer as few or as many as you like.
– For the first question for the book of the year please just one answer, in all other categories you can list multiple books if needed.
– You can answer as shortly or as lengthy as you like.
– Be careful when it comes to spoilers when referring to the end of the book.

Let’s go!


1. Book of the year – Which was THE book of the year for you? Even if it is hard, please just one answer.
It was indeed hard to decide between Obsidian and White Hot Kiss, but it’s Obsidian. I mean, it’s definitely my fav series by my auto-buy-author Jennifer L. Armentrout aka My Queen. And Daemon and Katy will be in my heart for ever. ❤ ❤ ❤

2. Flop of the year – Which book was the flop of the year for you?
If I Stay by Gayle Forman. ‚Nough said in an endless amount of posts and status updates.

3. Biggest positive surprise – For which book did you have little to average hopes but then it blew you off your feet?
I think I have to go with Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I heard some good things and some bad things but I loved it! It was more than „better than I thought“. If I look back it was a really great book and well written.

4. Biggest disappointment – For which book did you have high hopes and then it failed you?
Because If I Stay is already taken, I have to go with Maze Runner. Idk I like the whole idea and so on but the writing was what took the point.

5. Best Pageturner – Which book were you unable to put down?
Every damn book by JLA, Saving Elliot by NorthbyNorth and Dorm Room 210 by Nicole Kasp.

6. Favorite trilogy/ series – Which was your fav series in 2014? (At least one installment has to have been read this year.) And which sequel do you look forward for the most in 2015?
Lalalala JLA! Lux-Series :3
Uhm…Every Last Breath by JLA and hopefully the sequel to Dorm Room 210!

7. „Biggest tome“ – Which of your books was the longest page-wise? Did the pages flow by or did you have to fight?

8. The most mistakes – Was there a book that had a particular abundance of logical or orthographic mistakes
One of the books on wattpad, but I don’t know which anymore, because probably all of them have grammar mistakes.

9. Most interesting non-fiction – Non-fiction can be fascinating too. Which non-fiction book impressed you the most?


10. Worst book moment – Which was the worst moment in a book for you? Discovery of a betrayal? Death of a beloved Character? A heartbreaking split-up?
I think the ending of The Ocean At the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. That wasn’t fair! :‘-(

11. Most disappointing ending – The book was great but the ending was just shit? Which ending did disappointed you the most?
Well the ending wasn’t shit, but I hoped it was better. I talk about The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me by Hasti Williams. I think the book was so lovely and unique, but the ending was just like a cut. And not like a soft one, if you know what I mean. 😉


12. Favorite Hero – Which was your favorite (male) hero?
Because I don’t wanna seem like a lunatic, I choose Archer from JLA’s Origin and Opposition. He was a greatand oh-so-lovely character!

13. Favorite heroine – Which heroine did you like best this year?
How about…Tris? 🙂 I haven’t mentioned her even though Divergent was my fav seies before I got to know JLA. Sure, Tris did some REALLY DUMB things, but I still carry her (and Four!!) in my heart.

14. Favorite Couple – Sometime the chemistry is just right between two characters. Which couple did you like best? Here counts the couple as a unit, an adorable hero can’t make up for his unworthy love interest.
Do I have to say something? 😀 „Kitten“ ❤ „Holy alien babies everywhere“

15. Most annoying hero/ most annoying heroine – Which protagonist did annoy you the most? Who made you roll the eyes the most? Was there a particularly bad/ embarassing moment?
Juneau from After The End by Amy Plum. I don’t know…she was a good character and she didn’t do to many dumb/silly moments. But she was messed up and all that stuff was confusing. Still, I will continue with the series.

16. Most evil/ best villain – Who „tortured“ your heroes the worst?

17. Favorite side character – Even characters that don’t play a large part can find a way into your heart. Which side-character did make the most impact on you?
Archer from Origin and Opposition by JLA! ❤ He’s SO great and I liked him best in Oppositin. :3


18. Best kiss – Did you get really enthusiastic about a kiss, sighed with relief, get in the mood for kissing?
The Kiss from Saving Elliot! Perfection! ❤ And yes, in that moment I wanted to kiss somebody, maybe The One, The Right Guy. But I don’t know and don’t have him… so… :-/

19. Best love scene – If it doesn’t stay at kissing level, which love scene did appeal to you the most?
Any scene by JLA. 😀 Oh wait…I’ve read Shades of Grey. Hands down!:-D

20. „Laughing attack“ – Which book made you laugh the most?
Shades of Grey (all books) or Obsidian. But I guess I laughed more in the first. 😀

21. „Crying attack“ – Which book made you cry the most, or got you the closest to tears?
The Ocean at The End of The Land is on top of the list. But I even more to tears brought me We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. What a wonderful book…

22. Best/favorite setting – Your fav country/ city, a beautifully built fantasy world – which setting did impress you the most?
I don’t really care where it takes place and I don’t have a favourite one. 🙂

23. „The big screen“ – Which book would you love to see turned into a movie?
Saving Elliot by NorthbyNorth!! Definitely((:
I think it should be easy to do so and it would be a new thing… A person with secrets comes from abroad who has the same name as you and is really damn hot. But you keep fighting each other – not only with words. Oh and did I mention that you share the same house? 😉



24. Favorite author – Which author did you enjoy the most this year?
Hahaha I guess I should laugh really hard right now! 😀 Isn’t it obvious by now? N? 😀
Okay I’ll give you a hint…she also writes under the pseudonym „J. Lynn“. ‚Nough said! 😉

25. Author discovery 2014 – Did you stumble over a new author of whom you want to read every last book now?
Same as above!
But also E. Lockhart. I hoped so much that she wrote other books that were just as good as We Were Liars, but no. 😦


26. Best Cover – Which cover did you like the best in 2013? (For this question you don’t have to have read the book. Any cover that impressed you in 2013 counts!)
I love the cover of We Were Liars! And also the one from Love Letters To The Dead. :-)) They are just so lovely. ❤

27. Worst Cover – Was there a cover that almost made you NOT read the book? Or a book you actually didnt pick up solely because of the cover? (Too ugly, too cruel, too tacky?) Was there a cover you felt was unfitting for the mood of the book or the story? One that spoilered too much?

28. Nicest design in general – Which book impressed you the most because of the way it was manufactured, illustrated, special chapter layouts?
The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. I liked how it was all split up and the simple, but different design of the chapters and so on. 🙂

„Social Reading“

29. Group Reads – Was there a buddy read or a group read you liked best?
I only did The 5th Wave as a buddy read. It was god, but also confusing…

30. Best Tip – Was there a book suggestion you are particularly thankful for?
OBSIDIAN!!! I’m SO happy that Sasha Alsberg spoke about it in her videos and claimed it as one of her fav books!! As you may recognized I’m quite IN LOVE with the series and without her I wouldn’t even bother not knowing it!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


Book Count

Books read in 2014: 56

Rereads: 1

Most read genre: YA


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