I found something (or someone) new to admire!

I don’t know if I should make this a new habit. EXPLORE. Tbh it sounds really cool! 😀


What it’s about

  • show something that you recently „explored“, whether it’s through the internet, books or experience, that you want to share with other people
  • it may be a person, a location, a new sport, a new awesome book, an online page who sells crazy things, an app(lication) or whatever you want to share with people
  • tell a bit more about it: where is it? how did you find it? why do you want to share it? what makes it so special?
  • make it pretty: it’s a bit about eye-chatching. give something your eyes hop onto, hold onto and don’t want to let go until they saw everything 🙂
  • you can do it every day you want. it’s not a weekly meme!

I think that’s enough for that case and I’ll just go on with my new discovery.



This guy makes waking up or going to bed the most exciting thing you’re going to do your whole day.

He’s a huge inspiration and motivation to not only me, but other people in the whole world, too.
Today I read one comment that said Ben motivates the person to get up and do something productive. True story. Someone commented under this comment, that despite this fact, we are all still sitting in front of our laptops, watching Ben’s vlogs all day long. True that.


He is a daily(!!!) vlogger, photographer, he makes movies, designed an own collection of mostly clothes, he is a beloved boyfriend (hopefully soon a beloved husband!) mate and son, a man who likes to say „delightful“ and all around just a really exciting person.

He was born and raised in London and I don’t know how, but he ended up in Cape Town living with his girlfriends‘ parents. Then he moved to a cottage of theirs‘ and now he officially lives together with his mate and Nicole, his girlfriend, I think.

He loves the Land Rover Defender and so he got one himself. 🙂


He participated on JacksGap’s Rickshaw Run and made a little road trip with Matt (SP) and Jeremy Loops (just to name 2 of a group of awesome people). He visited Canada in summer with Steve Booker (his best friend, I believe) and visited it again this winter with Nicole, Steve and Steve’s girlfriend, Alexia. They left about a week ago. Nicole was the only one who had to fly to Cape Town because she has to study some more. The others are now back in London. Ben is about to fly to Austria in a few days.

Around the end of 2014 he was in New York (and other states) with a few of his friends, but without Nicole because she had to study.

While he was in Canada in summer, he filmed Visual Vibes. They’re delightful, just watch them. 🙂
He also filmed them some in other cities/countries.


In his past he was really successful in kayaking. See by yourself by watching his „Draw My Life“ video.

What makes him so special? He lives his life the fullest, is an awesome photographer, makes great vlogs and is handsome all around. He is a nice and cilled guy who can make fun of him. And yes, obviously, he’s good-looking.
As I said at the beginning, he is a huge inspiration and motivates everyday. I also respect him for filming, editing and uploading vlogs every day. And they are really high in quality!
I think it’s normal to be jealous of him if you don’t have such a wonderful life.


Now, please enjoy some of his awesomeness through photos and links to his pages. 🙂

New York, 2014

New York, 2014

Cape Town, beginning of 2015

Near Wales, January 2015

Johnson Canyon, Canada, February 2015

Canada, February 2015


Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/benbrown100/featured
Twitter – http://twitter.com/MrBenBrown
Snapchat – mr.benbrown
Instagram – http://instagram.com/MrBenBrown
Blog/Website – http://www.mrbenbrown.com
Facebook – http://facebook.com/mrbenbrown
Tumblr – http://mrbenbrown.tumblr.com
Spotify – http://open.spotify.com/user/mrbenbrown


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