The Bucket-List > Review *may contain spoilers, you’re the beholder*

Uff…it seems like forever since I did a proper review! :-O But totay, there is another bad boy story!! 😀 Haha sorry, but the ones on Wattpad are just the best. :-))


The Bucket List by Neve Adams


Ellie is one of those nerds who blocked herself away from people and studied non-stop ever since her mother passed away. During her senior year, she decided to make a bucket list to change the way her life is and soon she finds herself making a deal that she’d regret with the most popular and hot-tempered boy in the school.

As always these days, my little Goodreads after-reading-review:

„Don’t ruin the moment,“ Daniel mutters […]
Awww this is just too cuuute!! *sorry for freaking out*

Oh and by the way I don’t know whether to give the book 4 or 4.5 stars!… :/

So I gave it 4 on Goodreads and … 4 is my actual rating, too. Thinking back to it this fits just great.

As already mentioned at the beginning, this is a bad boy story. I know after reading a few it gets boring because it’s cliché, but since my first they vary. They may have the same structure somehow, but the characters are different, just as the setting. Most of the are still in high school, have a best friend and the girls don’t like the boys. But only at first. Then they get to know him, fall in love with him but won’t admit it and so on. You get in. 😉 Oh and it also happens that the boy or his parents are rich or he is a troubled kid somehow. Or both.

In this story, we have a straight-A-student named Ellie (Elizabeth), who decides to make her last year of high school the best. She watched a movie about a bucket list and decided to do one herself, so she makes one up. Click here to read it. (You probably have to be logged in or signed up to read this.)
She has some easier ones and some harder ones on there and I may have to add that only her dad and her best friend know about it.
One of her dares, or however you want to call it, is to be a Peer Support Leader. And who is her ‚case‘? The boy no one could change before her, the boy who treatens other and especially younger ones like sh*t and even beats some up if he is provoked.
As the story goes on we find ourself in the school yard with Ellie who watches Daniel, the boy/guy, who has to tidy the yard from rubbish. At some time she gets bored by it, takes out her Bucket List and reads through it again. Bam Bam BAM. Daniel snatches it from her hands and reads it. He wasn’t supposed to! When he is finished he suggests a deal she can’t deny. That’s the beginning of *******!!! (Don’t count the stars I just tipped some in.)

This story…there were so many details in there, I already forgot many of them. It’s basically about Ellie, Daniel and the Bucket List. She wants to finish it until graduation.

There are sad family stories, swoon-worthy romantic scenes, teasing comments and the climax. Or maybe there are more then just one..? Hmm…

Either way it was a great story and I really enjoyed this! I couldn’t lay my phone down and didn’t want to stop. I loved it!!

Also, I definitely recomment you to read this book! And if you haven’t signed up to Wattpad, you should do it like…right now! 😀 There are definitely going to be more reviews from Goodreads that are totally worth to read. 🙂


So the next reviews are going to be Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson and Mr. Popular and I from Goodreads. 🙂
The next post is probably on Sunday (read ‚PS‘) when I’ll tell you about how it went and so on! :-))


Okay, see ya! 🙂


PS: I’m at the Book Convention in Leipzig this Saturday! To all the Germans ‚round here: Who else is going? 🙂

PPS: Oh and I forgot to mention something about the bad boy!! Everybody in school knows him because he is also HOT hot hot!! 😀 *drools*


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