New Wednesday \ New GIF #12

This is a weekly meme hosted by Emalie from Bookgatherer! 🙂


Choose a GIF that:

  • you like
  • you want to use in a post but it never fits
  • shows you’re feelings (about the book you are currently reading or in general . . .)
  • you just want to show your readers
  • . . .


vegan animated GIF

To all the people who don’t know about it yet. I’m again experimenting and now it’s time for veganism! 🙂
It’s now my 9th day and my result by now is: I’m eating soo much! 😀 I wouldn’t have thought I could eat that much. 😀 And I feel good. Really, I feel good! 🙂

You ask for my reasons? Well the cause was a video from Peta about leather from dogs. A few days after I watched this I did some research on veganism (idk how I got there) and thought: Well why not? You already tried to be a vegetarian und it was easy. So why not veganism?

  • it is good for the animals
  • it is good for you bones (–> milk)
  • I don’t eat too much shit because dairy is in EVERYTHING
  • to show how easy it is

So I have my intentions. I don’t want everyone to be vegan, because this would cause other problems. But that’s another story. 🙂

Oh and btw Oreos are vegan! 🙂


‚Kay bye! 😉


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