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It’s quite weird and difficult, but also easy to write. And all that at the same time.

But firstly, I have to say sorry for being late again. I considered making a video for another review, but then recognized it would take too long to upload. Then I thought I’d do this review, but there was sport I was atending to, then I made my breakfast for school tomorrow, then tidied my room a bit and now I’m supposed to learn and do homework. It’s 11:25pm. Grrr…! I betI’m going to fall asleep in school tomorrow! 😀 No, wait. I won’t even wake up ‚cause I’m so tired…

So let’s begin, shall we?

I’ll just spit it right out and NOT talk around it.
The movie itself is a good one. I’m not an expert but I liked it as it is.
But when I compare it to the book… uh oh not good. The feeling aren’t like they are in the book. The character SO didn’t match (with my visions at least). Some people thought they were okay, but I don’t think so.
They left out quite some (ha. ha. sarcasm.) scenes! I won’t go into detail here because I won’t and don’t want to spoil anything for you.

For me it wasn’t an option whether to watch this movie or not. I read the book, so I have to see what they made out of it.
And I was suprised how much we got to see of Dakota (Johnson) and Jamie (Dornan)! 😀

Should you watch the movie? I say yes.
Everyone talks about it right know and you don’t want to „use“ someone else opinion, right? Also, as I said ealier, want to see what they made out of the book I read (doesn’t matter if I liked it or not) and I think you should too watch it just to know. 😉

Here’s a trailer if you still don’t know whether to watch it or not. (Official T #1)

(Official T #2)


I hope I could produce something readable at that late time and wish you a wonderful handful of days left of the week! 🙂


PS: I like how they visualised the movie.. 🙂

PPS: I’m probably going to see Insurgent this weekend with some friends in the cinema!! ❤


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