I’m back with a new discovery! 🙂

What it’s about

  • show something that you recently „explored“, whether it’s through the intenet, books or experience, that you want to share with other people
  • it may be a person, a location, a new sport, a new awesome book, an online page who sells crazy things, an app(lication) or whatever you want to share with people
  • tell a bit more about it: where is it? how did you find it? why do you want to share it? what makes it so special?
  • make it pretty: it’s a bit about eye-chatching. give something your eyes hop onto, hold onto and don’t want to let go until the saw everything 🙂
  • see my first post to get the idea of it: http://wp.me/p4qnlu-pk



It’s an editing program for photographs and I downloaded it in the windows store! 🙂

As some of you may know it’s not easy to get a free editing app/program and if we’re talking about apps it’s especially difficult for windows(store) users.
But this app has filters, you can cut and edit your pictures individual (brightness, contrast, …), you can create collages and you can add a text to the picture. That’s what I was searching for in an app for my mobile phone, but I never got a good one! They were always crap.Oh wait…there are some good ones for iOS..but I don’t have an iPhone. Ha. :-/

So one evening I just sat down into the early morning hours and went through my pictures to find something to edit. Look what I found! 🙂







Pretty proud of myself now. 😀

So as you can see it isn’t that impossibile and difficult. If you have Windows (8?) for your computer you should definitely try it! 🙂

Lots of love, Freya(:


2 Gedanken zu “EXPLORE (2)

  1. Good to know 🙂 I’m using Picasa and Photoscape because I couldn’t find an app back when I searched for one in the Windows Store, but I will definitely try this out 😀

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