Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon : Challenges and Updates (Hours 1-12)


(don’t worry about the x’s. there’ll be something written in their place later!)

I changed it up a bit (from last time). I’ll now update about every 2 hours (more often if I do a challenge or finish a book or else) to have some more reading time! Otherwise I’ll spend half of my time on the social media. 😀

Hour 1.25

Finished book 1 after 40 minutes! :-)) It was Dawn of Arcana 1. 🙂 Now I’m onto volume 2 and I really like it so far!

Hour 3

Done with volume 2 after again 40 minutes in hour 2. I was socialising a bit inbetween.
Check out my hour 3 challenge >>here<< ! 🙂

Hour 5

Soo…I finished book 3 at the beginning of hour 4 and finished the 4th volume right before the beginning of hour 5. YAY!:-))
Oh and you definitely have to check out the Hour 5 blog post from the official page >>here<<. The Reading Rainbow song is hilarious! :‘-D

Hour 7

Sorry I’m a little late!
Finished volume 5 at the beginning of hour 6 and volume 6 at the beginning of hour 7! :-))
The mini challenge is called treasure hunt. Check it out >>here<< and see my entry >>here<<.

Hour 8

I’m done with my 7 books of Dawn of Arcana! Really intrigued by the series and can’t wait to go on..! Ohhh gosh I fell in love with the characters!! Loki is like a friendzoned best friend who (maybe) isn’t even that good of a person because he has a big and terrible secret. Remilia is like a second Alice who isn’t powerful enough to protect herself. Rito is this cute little kid that always jumps around everywhere and has this puppy-look. Vernas is like Apollo from JLA’s Covenant series. Kain was this kid no one ever seemed to understand and get why he is the way he is. Caesar reminds me of all the main male characters from JLA’s books mixed into one. Kind of. (He’s probably far far away from them, but still cute and wow.) Well and Nakaba? She’s…selfless sometimes like Tris (Divergent), a good friend like Alex (Covenant series) and like a little sheep that is in love but doesn’t know which guy to coose somehow and doesn’t know what you’re supposed to do in a relationship. But she was imprisoned for 14 years and I think it’ll come with time. 🙂
So all in all I love the character development! It’s visible, like, big time and it’s great so far.

I’m again taking part in the mini challenge! >>Here<< you can find the hour 8 post from the official reathon page, >>here<< the post from the host of the challenge and >>here<< my entry! :-))
Be sure to check out the music they inserted in the Hour 8 post! I’ve never listened to any of Arkells, but it’s fantastic! 😉

Hour 9

So I wanted to participate, but I had to create a new account to post the comment…confusing. But I’ll still do it, I just won’t post it anywhere else except here.
Challenge name:
On Foods and Books >>here<<
Make a post where you will share your best „book-inspired“ recipe and explain its origin, inspiration, etc. Be as original as you want; as whimsical as you feel.
My entry:
Actually it’s really only pancakes. I was on my bus drive and read about someone making pancakes (in Project Fat Suit from not_present on wattpad) and when I was home I immediately made some! 😀

Hour 11

I don’t feel that tired, but my mind starts to slow down and completely stop working at times.. 😀 Get a cold shower, do sports and breath fresh air, ignore it or sleep? But I know for sure if I sleep I’ll sleep too long…

Hour 12

Check out the mid-event survey for hours 12 >>here<<!


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