Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon : Challenges and Updates (Hours 13-24)


So this is my second update’s-part! Click >>here<< to see my 1st (hours 1-12). Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Hour 18

I knew I’d sleep too long! 😀 Hour 13 was the last I saw and then I went to sleep. Guess I was more doneand over than I thought… in 15 minutes hour 18 is done and we’ll ony have 6 more hours to read!

Hour 19

Back to reading! (I’m going on with Paper Towns for now.)

Hour 20

Best quote so far:

„Interesting capitalization,“ I said.
„Yeah. I’m a believer in random capitalization. The rules of capitalization are so unfair to words in the middle.“

Aaaand another quote of a quote:

Light, the visible reminder of Invisible Light.
– T.S. Eliot

Hahahaha :‘-D I can’t anymore! The photo of Jason in Paper Town! 😀

Also I participated in a challenge again!:-) See the official post >>here<<, the challenge post >>here<< and my entry >>here<<.

Hour 21

I participated in the The moment you fall in love with a book challenge! Here’s the official Hour 21 post!
Oh and my entry for the challenge:

It was “Dream a Little Dream” by Kerstin Gier! I loved how it had to do with our dreams because they’re seriously fantastic! Dreams are important to work through what you’ve experienced and they have to do with your imagination.
But this book also had nice characters and traitors. It was kind of light and just different from the books I read.. So this was my second last 5 star rating, because my last was the sequel! (But I think I actually gave the sequel 4.5 stars…)
I also think more people should read it. I mean she’s a German author, but so many people still liked/loved Ruby Red and so on, right?

Hour 23

There are only 2 hours left!! READ! *throws herself superman-awkwardly on the couch*

Hour 24

Last hour, guys! If you’re suspicious of what I’m doing: I’m reading Paper Towns (John Green) and eating some berry ice cream. How is Paper Towns? I’m currently on page 106 (I was a bit lazy for the last hour or so…) and it’s better than I thought. Okay due to my dislike of An Abundance of Katherines my expectations were pretty low, but still. Oh and I feel the characters are just taken from Looking for Alaska and put into another story. Or the other way around.

The Ending

Status: Paper Towns page 128
I have to say this book really is good. By now 3 stars (what’s low by my standarts), but still good. 🙂

To everyone: It was a realy fun readathon with great challenges and even better readers! I hope you had some fun during this event. Be sure to tell me below what you read and what your favourite part was! (You can leave a link if you want.) 😉


Pages read: 1316 (Dawn Of Arcana) + 41 (Julia Engelmann) + 128 (Paper Towns) = 1485 pages! INSANE!!!
Books finished: 7.5
Food ate: nuts, noodles with tofu, dark chocolate, raspberries, bananas, ice dream
Fun I had: more than last time!
Interruptions: about 3 (I had to open my parents car from the 4th floor of our house ‚cause they used the other car..)
Hours I’ve read: about 40 minutes per hour except 2-3 + 6 sleeping hours
Satisfied: If I leave out hours 13-15 YAAS! I was a bit lazy the last few hours, but whatever. 🙂

 I hope you ALL had fun and be willing to participate in the next readathon this OCTOBER!


See ya, I’m off to read some more and watch Gosip Girl paired with some more ice dream!


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  1. Hey 🙂 Ich hab dich für den Creative Blogger Award nominiert, hier ist der Link. Hoffe dir fallen noch ein paar Fakten über dich selbst ein 😉 Ich hatte da so meine Probleme. Lg

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