The Happy Birthday Song by NorthByNorth > Review


„You and me,“ he whispered, „until the end of time“

4 stars!

This book was something new again! Every chapter in one year later on Junie’s birthday. She grows older and life more complicated.

Sometimes it’s a bit sad we only get to ’see‘ her on this one day in the whole year of 365 days, but it’s totally fine! There’s always kind of a little recap somewhere in the chapter and sometimes it really breaks your heart!

This book may be sad, but it’s emotionally and really beautiful. It’s short, but there are many years passing by within it and all this only supports the beauty of the book. If I look at it now it just seems so simple. Don’t worry, just go ahead and read it! I promise you won’t need too long to read it. 🙂

This was a short review again, but I think I said enough about how I feel about this book. I won’t tell you the story, because this would just take away so much! 😉


Okay bye! 🙂


PS: Rose is the author of the wonderful book Saving Elliot!! ❤

PPS: What do you think – which cover is prettier? 🙂


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