Other People’s Opinion

Well, I have to say I’m shocked. Are people really that judging? (I didn’t want to say dumb here, but feel free to imagine I did.)It’s about >>this<< review.

„Who was the real Jamie MacCrae? A ruthless ruler or a puckish prince?“

Yes people, this is how it started. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHY ARE YOU ABUSING KHALEESI FOR THIS??!

But to make this short and not write a discussion about 1000 words… why are people giving so much on an opinion or a review?

Read this:

Thanks for such a profound review, I definitely won’t be picking this book. I wonder is the author was to some extent inspired by Outlander, and if so, did she really have to name one of the guys Jamie? I understand there is nothing in common between them character-wise, though.

Are you fooling around or what? Are you bloody serious?

Ow too bad that this book turned to be like that.

Are you totally dumb?! See, the person who wrote this comment is totally depending on what the girl/woman said who wrote this review.

I applaud you for staying rational and well spoken throughout this review. I don’t know how you do it, I would have spammed gifs of people flipping desks.

Rational? How is this rational? To me it feels more like she didn’t like it, but is totally exaggerating to get attention.

But hey, there’s still hope!

I disagree with 95% of things you say.

But sadly the total of comments from lovers under her review was 2. Still, this is priceless:

Did you even read this book? There are so many inaccuracies in your review. A lot of the details of your criticisms are incorrect, which makes your terrible review wrong. Some books are meant to be fun reads, they don’t have to be perfectly sophisticated and meaningful every time. I’ve read some of your other reviews that are good which I usually agree with, but this review is extremely harsh and unfair. This review is putting some people off who would actually enjoy it. You’re extremely aggressive and you obviously don’t read to enjoy.

And what’s the best thing? This was from my favourite booktuber, Sasha. Yay you go girl! :-))


But what I’m saying in the end is to trust your own judgment and don’t think what other people tell you to. Give a book a chance, there are always haters and lovers of a book and just because you read a review from a hater doesn’t mean you have to be one, too. Read the book and make up your own mind. 😉

And with that I hope you had a great weekend and wish you a wonderful good night!

Yours truly,



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