Okay. My last post on here was when? A freaking YEAR ago? Okay, that’s one point to prove my headline. It’s not bloggish-clickbait, trust me.
I wanna give you a quick overlook on my life right now: I’m nearly turning 18, I’m finishing school and I’m in the middle of my final exams right now. Wow. 

On the other hand I just came back from my vacation with my sister to… ICELAND! And as everyone will tell you: it’s gorgeous and life-changing. I experienced it myself. Before I wanted to be a teacher. Now I want to do something bigger with more freedom. I always felt myself gravitating towards managing something and now I (again) have the desire to fulfill that dream. But what about me becoming a teacher? That would probably be the best kinda job for me and I wanted to be a teacher several times in my life. I even have some kinda practice.

So what comes next? Right now I have to get my learning process going, but what am I doing? Watching Netflix, sleeping till noon and eating mostly chocolate. What do I want to do? Do yoga, study like a badass for those bomb grades, eat colourful and less chocolate. I also wanna get up between 7 and 8. I’m lost.

After I am done with exams: write applications for uni’s. Duh. I know I have to, but I kinda don’t want to and I’m always pushing it further away. After that I should go and search for a job for the inbetween. (The time between school and uni.) And what about being 18? Do I have to deal with insurance?? 
As you can see: it’s kinda messed up right now and I have the feeling I kinda lost a bit of the control. I don’t know how to get it back, but I want to. I even would like to post some more stuff on here (not only book-related anymore), but I haven’t gotten there yet. I’m willing to, but I „just can’t“. 
Well, with that I want to say goodbye for now. See ya! 
Ps: Don’t forget Deweys 24hour readathon this weekend!!

Ps2: What I just wrote was without any structure and it came straightly from my mind, unfiltered. Please keep that in mind.


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